Alabaster Box 2017

“It has awakened me to the reality of my heavenly Father. The song, ‘You are the reason I live’, really touched me to my soul. Don’t think I can recover from today’s meeting because nobody knows what I mean to God.”
“The raw truth of God’s word was revealed. I was blessed. I loved it.”
“It was an awesome gathering. The speakers were impactful. The music ministers were deep in their worship and praise. It was a great experience indeed.”
“Eye-opening, refreshing, emotional and spiritually awakening. Every speaker had something inspiring to say. I was here last year and already looking forward to next year. May God continue to bless the ministry.”
“It was a breathtaking experience and I really bless God for the lives that were touched.”

“I came here a broken woman. My husband is amazing; God-given. I just don’t understand why he doesn’t fight for us. He aims to please everyone at the expense of our family. But today, I realize I need to get over ‘me’ and hand ‘us’ to God and trust Him.”
“In one word – it is a REVIVAL for me.”
“I had a wonderful time in God’s presence. I must say it was an awesome experience. AT the end of the programme, I felt peace within me and I hope to attend the next session.”
“Soul-searching and spirit-lifting moments. I was here last year and I was blessed beyond measure. I have a testimony to show for it. That’s why I’m here this year again.”
“Awesome! Awesome!! Awesome!!!”
“It was uplifting. I thank God for a forum like this that allows me to come to the Master’s feet with all my flaws, knowing He is rooting for me, loves me and is willing to make me WHOLE!!”
“I thank God that I was here today. It is actually a wonderful experience to be at the feet of Jesus and also to know that the Holy Spirit can speak to you directly; He must not speak to you through anybody…..we all have the mind of Christ to hear from God. I’m free from every lie the devil has told me. Amen.”
“It was awesome. This programme reminded me of who I am. That we have a Father that will never forsake us; a Father that loves us so much.”
“I love the worship always.”
“It is always an amazing experience.”
“AUTHENTIC!!! Real! I’m blessed!!!”
“Yes, it was a life transforming experience.”
“I was here 2015. It was refreshing; I had the time to unburden myself at the Master’s feet. The experience brought me this year and I was not disappointed. The topic is quite insightful, revealing and helpful to combat my present situation.”
“Blessed. Insightful. Revelational.”
“Uplifting and reviving.”
“Wonderful. I enjoyed it.”
“Exceptional! Amazing the lies we believe. I am set free from the lies I’ve told myself. Hallelujah.”
“Awesome! God is a loving Father.”
“My mindset about certain lies has been changed. I have gained a new understanding of God and how He feels about me.”
“The worship. I met God in a more personal way. I feel full of His love and thank Him for pushing me out of the house this morning. He knew I needed a true fellowship.”